Takeshi Motohashi

  • Business development manager mainly for net service (2009-present)
  • Guest Lecturer about innovation, entrepreneurship, and management of technology (2004-present)
  • NTT's R&D strategy manager (2004-2009)
  • Entrepreneurial Software Engineer in NTT labs (1994-2003)
  • MSMOT from MIT Sloan School of Management (2004)
  • MEng. from University of Tokyo (1994)
Takeshi Motohashi has been an entrepreneurial engineer and manager in Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.(NTT).

He led development of e-commerce personalization system, AwarenessNet, an internet audience measurement system, InfoGather, and first-ever Japanese TV guide web site, Internet TV Guide Japan. He has also worked with Microsoft in Seattle for NTT-Microsoft joint video-on-demand project, Microsoft Interactive Television.

He has MS in Management of Technology from MIT Sloan School of Management in 2004 and MEng from University of Tokyo in 1994.

He is a board member of MIT Venture Forum of Japan since 2010.